Sunday, December 5, 2010

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'A sincere, simple, servant in the hands of a Master Trainer', I would like to phrase that way without much articulation, about this very great personality. I may be the least among many thousands to write about this man of God with my too little interactions and personal meetings with him. I believe, he had transcended all human titles, so I would call him "Chandapilla" with great respect and reverence similar to any men of God whom we address from the Bible.

The following lines are straight from the heart. You can join and share your experience too. (draft not edited)
-Philipose Vaidyar

I have had very little personal interaction with Chandapilla achen. (First, in Pune during 1988 though I heard about him in 1986. A few of us were visiting him at the hospital where he was admitted. We met a lady at the base, seemed weak and tired, waiting for the lift or someone to accompany her on the stairs. As we climbed the stairs, we learned that we were going to the same room. She spoke very lovingly to us like her husband who was the bed in white hospital dress. I was in Pune at UBS just joined the B.D. programme. He took interest in learning about each one of us.....
The third time, it was in Kerala during early 2000s at the STECI convention. He was powerful, profound and vibrant in his message that night proclaiming many of his desires about the Church and challenging her for the way forward. The next day..... I had asked him about one old senior friend of UESI and if any document was available on him. The man of God asked me in response to one of my question, “…. can you do that?” .... The “I shall” got stuck to my heart.
I would love doing the desire he expressed to me about someone for him instead. My hats off, to this humble man of God.
I asked a couple of my friends to key in a few of their thoughts about Chandapilla achen. Read on.... more quotes and comments at
George Cherian (s/o Bishop T.C. Cherian) responds to me on Dec 5:

"As a kid, my father used to tell me about a highly respected Achen who had uplifted the STECI’s name....who had given away his wealth and belongings for the Church, who had brought in famous guest speakers for the Annual General Conventions. I was longing to see such a BIG man, and finally when I met him.... It took a little while to know him, but after each encounters, this short man started growing big and huge in my heart..... Its the Shishyashram stay (Anna Nagar, Chennai), that left me awestruck. I still remember those days... today, due to his presence and his influence, and still hold those memories close to my heart....The first time when he came, I thought of giving him lemon juice to drink. I did not know that... out of my love, I heaped an extra spoon of sugar.....Once he brought along a gift for both of us.....He loved to hang around with youngsters, and used to instruct them quoting his own life. He wanted the youngsters to be a disciple of Jesus, and to work for His Kingdom. Though he was very serious while he advises and preaches, he was humorous too.....While he was the main speaker for our General Convention,.... He stayed in my room which was smaller, and he used to compare that to..... He taught me the art of reading out the bible to the public, so that they should understand what it says.
Achen was very much against the myths, idols, superstitious beliefs and anything and everything which.....He was friendly to all including... I still remember the first few lines of his first letter to me. It read “Dear Kochumon, Your letter was short and sweet and full of meat”... READ more...
“He was gigantic in his faith, passionate in fulfilling his God-given vision, and an ardent disciple of Christ amidst all odds... We praise God for his life. Our sincere prayers are with his daughter and grandchildren” - Victor Vadivel
Amen, and to God be the glory! - David Pipes

It was in response to Rev Chandapillah that Bible Study Fellowship sent us to India - he met us, took us to buy provisions for our home, in the process gave us his heart for India as we rode around on the streets of Madras. A humble servant has his reward with Jesus now.- Gennelle Harelson Pipes
Achen was an inspiration to follow the Lord; he demonstrated the path of discipleship. He was one of my heros. We will miss him. - Idicheria & Carol Ninan

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